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Updated: Feb 5

So, I finally got around to watching the show that Amazon Prime kept recommending to me, Invincible. The show looks like your typical high school teenager superhero drama, but the underlining plots and dark action really makes it stand out.

Invincible is a show that heavily focuses on violence and definitely deserves its 18 rating, I could see it being possibly an R rating too. It features some of the most brutal deaths I’ve ever seen in animation, beating the likes of Rick and Morty or Attack on Titan by miles.

However, it’s not all superhero punches and kicks. A large section of the show makes you sympathise with the protagonist, Mark Grayson. Between his love life and saving the world, this kid has it rough and that’s not including all the problems he faces towards the end of the season.

The show doesn’t take so kindly to punishments, if a character screws up they face their consequences, most costing lives. Unlike other superhero shows that never highlight the struggle everyday people face when involved in superhero battles, Invincible chaotically shows the repercussions of said fight and how the innocent always pay for it.

The animation is similar to Young justice, with sharp points on faces and distinct body types. The show also implements some 3D aspects, mainly with wider shots of the city or a heavily crowded area. It often times does a good job of showing scale, how small earth is compared to other plants, how big buildings are when they fall onto the streets.

It’s hard to say what my favourite part of the show was, of course, the voice acting was phenomenal. With the likes of J.K Simmons playing Omni-man and voice-acting legends, Mark Hamill, Grey Griffin and Kevin Michael Richardson, you feel like the characters are real people. They certainly knew what they were doing when they casted this show, each character feels likeable to the viewer while also having moments of imperfections.

In my opinion, the best episode was ‘It’s about time’. This is the very first episode of the show and the ending left me gob-smacked, which is partly why it’s my favourite. Most shows never really have an amazing first episode, most having to find their stride in the second or third, but somehow this episode was amazing from the moment it started to the moment it finished.

There were some issues I did have with the show, but they were very minor. Some characters felt a little annoying at times, mainly Mark’s best friend. I did enjoy Robot, yes that is an actual character, however, I found that after his ‘transformation’ he was a lot less enjoyable, which I suppose was the goal as it made you feel like the other characters in that scene. There were other parts of the show that felt either very predictable or slow, the reveal that we, the audience, see in the first episode drags on throughout the season until it’s revealed to our main character, Mark, at the very end.

With that all said, Invincible was a nice change of pace in the superhero genre, with more and more superhero movies gaining R ratings, like Deadpool and Suicide Squad, it’s good to see that trend in animation. I’m hoping they do more with this show, perhaps spinoffs of other characters and teams as there were many.

I give Invincible 4 rice drainers out of 5.

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