Pam and Tommy series finally leaks onto Disney+

Pam and Tommy is the newest series to hit Disney + this February, the Star Original is based on the true tale of Pamela Anderson and her husband, Tommy Lee.

The show so far only has three episodes to view, each around an hour long.

The star-studded cast is amazing in the roles given, leading actors Sebastian Stan and Lily James are excellent in their roles and really seem like their real-life counterparts.

There’s so much chemistry between the two and although their relationship comes across as obnoxious in the first episode, you can definitely see the love they have for each other in the next two chapters.

The series also features Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman as the men who leaked the infamous sex tape. The show does a good job at conveying Rogen’s character as a ‘good guy’, it makes you believe that what he’s doing is justified even though it’s not.

At first, it’s hard to even believe Rogan is in the show, knowing most of his roles are a type. It’s refreshing to not see him playing some college dropout that constantly smokes weed.

Some shots in the first three episodes are mundane and dull, but I wasn’t expecting anything amazing with a show like this; the genre doesn’t really allow for anything creative and off the wall.

The costumes are beautiful, seeing Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee takes some getting used to, but boy, does he look great.

Lily James does a seriously insane job of portraying Anderson, from the laugh to the deep breaths she takes. I didn’t think I’d like her as much as I did in the role, but she truly steals the show.

The series is set in the 90’s, though it doesn’t stick to a specific set time. Most of the events happen in 1995, but the show isn’t linear, it doesn't show you the events in which time they happened.

One part of the episode could focus on something from April and then jump to a part in August, it gets a little jarring and confusing sometimes.

I don’t have any main criticism from what I’ve seen so far, the buildup is good and well-paced, I didn’t feel bored or felt like a scene dragged on too long.

I love the lighting in the club scenes and the set design is out of this world, I imagine the set designers spent a lot of time checking over the final details to get everything just right; and it 100% pays off.

The music is another aspect of the show I loved, all pop songs popular at the time and are still considered cult classics today. They fit the tone of the show and even make some scenes stand out way more than others.

There are a lot of explicit scenes within this show, so beware, but with a concept such as a leaked sex tape, there’s bound to be some body parts shown.

One scene in particular caught my attention, not for what was shown but the route they took it. I’m not going to say outright what it is, but if you’ve seen the show, know.

It was so weird and really pulled me out of the atmosphere, Sebastian was doing a great job and sure, it was amusing. But it felt misplaced, it felt rather like a scene in a Deadpool movie than it did in a drama show.

I’m excited to see where the show leads, how they amplify the public knowledge of the leaked tape and if it shows the mental and physical effects it’s having on Tommy and Pam.

Pam and Tommy get 4 out of 5 tapes from me.

New episodes are streaming every Wednesday only on Disney +.

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