Quick Review: Dug Days

Updated: Feb 5

Dug Days is the newest Pixar show to hit Disney + this year, from the team that brought you Up comes a sequel spinoff in the form of 11-minute skits with title character, Dug.

The show, only consisting of five episodes, was a good way to be reintroduced into the world of Up and the characters that inhabit it. Compared to Monsters at Work, Dug Days hits its stride in the first episode, proving that it can be comedic and emotional at the same time.

The main character, Dug, is so very charming, but what talking dog wouldn’t be, minus Scrappy Doo. His obliviousness to his surroundings is usually played for a comedic value, but the show makes sure to highlight that he isn’t just a dumb dog.

Sadly, Carl, played by Ed Asner, passed away only days ago so it was bittersweet seeing one of his final roles. The chemistry between the pair is very cute and definitely improves upon what was built up in the movie.

Not much is brought over from the movie, save for a few characters and easter eggs. The animation is, in my opinion, leagues ahead of Monster at Work, something about it just seems like it had more effort worked into it. This could be due to the limited series amount, meaning more time could be spent elsewhere.

Dug Days could be a favourite for the Pixar fanbase, hopefully it can get another season in the future as it warrants it.

All episodes are streaming now on Disney +. Dug Days gets 4 out of 5 squirrels from me.

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