Race cars, lasers and aeroplanes will nothing stop the McDuck family?

Updated: Feb 5

Disclaimer: This review will be from my initial viewing of the final. SPOILERS BELOW.

DuckTales 2017 shows audience how reboots are meant to be done, the series as a whole was tremendous in its story telling and reimagination of its core characters. The writing was fun and light when it needed to be but angsty and adventurous too, all key elements when bringing back a show like DuckTales.

The series time on air for some was a little tricky, at the time of airing season 3, the UK experienced some homes losing Disney Channel and Disney XD. This led to some not being able to watch the episodes as they came out, there were also long periods of time after they aired in the US where nothing happened for us in the UK, unless you watched them illegally. Now obviously this isn’t to the fault of the staff on the show and rather something higher up, but it did impact the way I watched and perceived the show, and as a result, the finale.

The finale itself was in some ways a good send off for the show, however I did find it bizarre that they specifically chose to focus on Webby as the main character for the finale when really it should have been the whole McDuck family, or at the very least Scrooge and the triplets. Throughout the show it’s clear to see they wanted to reimagine Webby into a character girls can look up to and incorporate her more into the McDuck family, but I feel like there could have been better ways to do this than ultimately reveal that she’s Scrooge’s daughter.

To me the reveal felt like it came from nowhere, yes the whole finale built up to it, but from the series perspective it seemed rather out of the left field. There are episodes in season 3, like The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades, that really show Webby as a Scrooge-like character, but it still doesn’t show much else besides some minor similarities in the characters. This was really the only thing that let me down about the finale, otherwise I found it quite pleasant.

I enjoyed seeing some returning characters we’ve met in previous episodes, like Darkwing Duck and the Three Caballeros. The main Villans, Hush, were similarly a letdown in the finale but ultimately good in their own episodes, seemingly only there to throw a quick punch and some snappy lines then killed off or disappearing into the shadows never to be seen again.

The ending served what it was meant to do, it showed us a big adventure with a family, taking down the bad guys and doing what’s right all while having fun. We get an implication of where characters will end up, or blatantly told, while others we are still left in the dark. I’m still waiting for that Darkwing Duck spinoff.

Overall, the series as a whole was amazing, it encapsulated everything good about the original shows run while also adding it’s own spin on things. I think when the show was announcing it’s final few episodes, many people hyped the finale up. In some ways it does deserve the hype, it really does, but some aspects feel rushed or there wasn’t enough detail to back it up. I’d recommend watching the show if you haven’t, if you haven’t then why read this?

The DuckTales finale gets 3 out of 5 gold coins from me, but the show as a whole gets 4 out of 5 gold coins.

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