She-Hulk Smashes Onto Disney+

She-hulk is the explosive new series to come from Marvel studios this year, following on from Marvel’s previous show Ms Marvel.

She-hulk tells the tale of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who happens to be the cousin of Bruce Banner. The series is said to tackle Walters’ origin story and life as a newly-formed Hulk, with cameos from the Hulk franchise and previous MCU characters like Wong.

The first episode dropped today on Disney+ and tackles She-Hulk’s origins in a whopping 38 minutes. Compared to previous shows, they don’t hesitate to get straight into the action. You learn all about Jen and her alter-ego in the first few minutes of the episode.

The episode itself is fun and lighthearted, definitely a stark contrast to something like Loki or MoonKnight. There’s a lot of great humour, physical and verbal, we get to see into the life of Bruce Banner’s Smart Hulk and what he was doing during the blip.

I adore the immediate use of fourth-wall-breaking, the She-Hulk comics were known for this trope and it is definitely making a return in the movie world. Other movies such as Deadpool and even The Truman Show use fourth-wall-breaking to deliver some great comedic lines and to help further the plot.

You see this in the first episode, although only used twice in the 38 minute runtime, the fourth-wall-breaking doesn’t ruin the jokes or break the flow of the episode.

Now Marvel have had a problem with their CGI for quite some time, what with horrible hours and pay and the poor treatment of the VFX artists involved. Perhaps I’ll get into a rant in a different article about this, but my opinion on the matter is that the CGI in most newer Marvel projects aren’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

Sometimes a scene may look a little…iffy like the third eye in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, but it doesn’t ruin the experience of the film. Truly, the only Marvel movie I can say that looks visually bad is the Black Widow movie, which I talk about in my review of the film.

But going back to She-Hulk I think the CGI looks great, I’m not sure if they had a longer schedule or more money but the effects look good. The trailers definitely don’t do the show enough justice, it’s bright and colourful, some shots are visually beautiful to look at and overall it seems like it had a lot of time and effort put into it.

The dialogue is another thing I think I will like about this show, the conversations between Jen and Bruce feel so natural and the way Tatiana presents herself in this role is stunning. The best part of She-Hulk is seeing Tatiana as this great character just acting the hell out of a comic book role.

If I had one criticism about the first episode it would be the burping scene, I just find it a little childish but Marvel and Disney are primarily children's franchises so I can’t complain about that too much.

Overall, She-Hulk is a great watch for casual viewers and fans alike. So far it doesn’t treat itself as a typical superhero show and is easy to keep up with. Imagine Sex in the City but a lot more green.

She-Hulk is available to watch on Disney+ with new episodes premiering weekly.

She-hulk gets 3 out of 5 smashes from me.

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