The Batman: Trailer Breakdown and Theories

The Batman is the latest movie featuring the titular character and has fans on the edge of their seat for it to officially premiere in March 2022.

The new trailer, DC are calling the main trailer, was revealed on the 16th of October at DC Fandome. The event held many special teasers for upcoming movies like Black Adam, The Flash and Shazam; but most were looking forward to the Robert Patterson bat portrayal.

The movie’s synopsis goes as follows: In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City that connects to his own family while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler.

Unlike previous incarnations of the character in the many movies before, this Batman will seemingly have no origin story and heavily focus on Batman coming into his own.

The first shot of this trailer is, presumably, the Riddler sat in a café with the Gotham Police surrounding him. My guess is that this is something similar to The Dark Knight where the Joker got himself captured by the GCPD to further his plans. Just from the short glimpses we get of the Riddler he’s giving me some Dennis Nilsen vibes with his appearance, but I assume that to be a coincidence.

He’s then handcuffed, with lieutenant Gordon in the background watching over. The camera pans over the coffee cup to reveal a question mark made in the foam, further suggesting that this is in fact, the Riddler.

To me, this seems to be at the beginning of the movie. I imagine the Riddler would have killed some known people by this point and the pressure to catch him is wounding the GCPD. When they get a tip-off, most likely from the man himself, they arrest him, and the press eat this stuff up. Having a similar effect of when Gordon was praised after Harvey Dent’s death in the Dark Knight Rises.

We then move along to the new bat symbol, along with Robert Patterson saying: “Fear is a tool.”

I think this is going to be a very big part of how the Batman works in this movie, he’s a lot edgier, a lot more violent. He’s going to use fear against his components and it’s going to work, this is further emphaised by the next line: “When that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call, it’s a warning.”

We then get a nice look at the new suit that we’ve seen parts of in the previous trailer and many posters as well as set leaks. The way he comes out of the shadows is chilling and I can already tell this movie is going to be using lighting as its friend.

There are a group of goons with face paint on, my initial guess is it’s something to do with the Joker, but it’s uncertain if the Joker will even show up in this movie. I don’t think he will, with three villains already shown in the trailer, I doubt the movie will cram in many more. This just might be a nice nod to the clown prince of crime and the power he has over people.

We set Patterson’s Batman have no mercy as he takes down these goons, going so far as to taser one of them. I like this new style they’re going for, with fights being more “personal” as state by Patterson in the teasers for the trailer reveal. It shows this Batman is semi-new to the game, he doesn’t hold back his punches, he wants them to feel pain. It’s also a longer sequence of a previous shot in the first trailer where we hear the iconic line: “I am vengeance.”

The line: “I’ve been trying to reach you,” seems to be coming from the Riddler while he’s locked up in prison. This, again, relates to the first trailer where we saw the crime scene littered with things specifically addressed to Batman.

After some explosions, we get the line: “Riddler is the match,” this tells me Riddler is only the starting point of crime in Gotham and that things are only going to get worse. I believe Riddler could be working for someone much bigger, now this could be a mob or another classic Batman villain like the Joker. I hope, if they do include a bigger bad, it’s someone who hasn’t had much screen time in these movies. I already like having Riddler be the main antagonist, with penguin ad catwoman on the sidelines, I’d love to see someone like Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy join the fray of villains.

Selina Kyle shows up quite a lot in this trailer, either this movie is going to be split over a long course of time as Selina sports three different hairstyles or she’s wearing a wig for a majority of time with her short hair being her real one. In one scene, you can see Catwoman jumping away from a fight between Batman, and what I think is Gordon. This might possibly link to the idea that the police are also after Batman and aren’t his friends like we usually see.

We get some quick shots of Colin Farrell’s Penguin, who has a few run-ins with Batman in this trailer. We also finally see Andy Serkis’s, Alfred Pennyworth, he looks like he’s walking with a cane so we might possibly see an Alfred who’s been through some stuff either in his past or with his time working alongside Bruce.

We see a lovely overhead shot of possibly the Batcave with graffiti from the Riddler on the ground and Bruce standing in the middle of it all. My guess is that Bruce is the answer to the problem/riddle. There’s five main arrows pointing off in different directions, my eye is drawn to the arrow that says: “The sins of my father?”

It seems the Wayne family aren’t as innocent as they appear to be, this could tie into how they were presented in the Joker movie. But it’s clear the Riddler has a gripe with the Wayne’s and the city is paying for it or more so the people involved. We then have “No more lies” with “Colson” written underneath. Colson, I believe, is a character created specifically for this movie and appears to die as we see shots of his funeral in both trailers.

Perhaps he knew something he shouldn’t have or lied to get his way into some form of power, maybe mixed with Thomas Wayne which eventually led to his death by the hands of the Riddler.

We get some excellent hand to hand combat with Batman and some of Penguin’s men, from earlier shots in this trailer I assume it’s the same building that explodes and leads to the chase scene we get at the very end of the tailer with Penguin and the Batmobile. They appear to be in Penguin’s club, the red flashing lights also match a later shot with Selina Kyle so we can only guess at this point in the movie they’re either working together or both are trying to get the same thing.

We then possibly get my favourite part of the trailer, a dark corridor with the only light being the gunfire. We see Batman come after the men, beating them up, again, highlighted with the orange and yellow lights of the guns. It really plays into the idea of Batman using fear against his enemies, and I could easily see a Batman movie in the horror genre, maybe taken from the perspective of the villain.

There are some amazing shots of the Batmobile for this movie, very slick and long like the 80s/90s movies but heavily reinforced and armored like the 2000s movies. I think Batman’s going to be using some very simple gadgets in this movie, we haven’t seen a Lucious Fox so far so I can only guess he’s making everything by himself; hence why it’s a lot simpler.

“What’s black and blue and dead?” might be the first spoken riddle we’ve had in both these trailers, although I could be wrong. I can only guess this is how the movie is going to end, with Batman being beaten black and blue and possibly having the Riddler killed; I wouldn’t be surprised. This Batman seems to have a problem holding back, as seen in another shot where he’s repeatedly punching something with Catwoman watching on in horror behind him.

We get Batman leading a large group of people through the sewers, this could be the group we saw before with the clown makeup on or a group of civilians/officers. Gotham is known for a lot of corruption so I wouldn’t be surprised if a higher power has paid off the police and Jim has wrestled together the remaining ‘good cops’ to help Batman with the final fight.

The trailer ends with the chase scene, as mentioned before, with the Penguin fleeing from the Batman. He seems to think he destroyed the Batman in an explosion, only to see the Batmobile come out through the flames like the devil. Penguin’s car flips over, and we get to see his perspective of Batman approaching him with the flames roaring behind him, upside-down as the title card rolls in. The way the title card came down reminded me of the Mandalorian and how Mando is present in their logo, most likely unrelated, but I liked the similarity.

Again, I believe this scene occurs directly after the fight sequence in the club and the place exploding. I could be wrong, most likely am, but it’s fun to theorise.

I believe there’s a lot of this movie we haven’t seen yet, the last trailer only showed scenes from the first 20 minutes of the film, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of big secrets they’re keeping for release. I am so excited about this movie coming out, already the cinematography looks amazing, and all the different camera angles...I love it. I was doubtful when they first spoke about this movie, but my doubts are long gone, I think this will be a highly anticipated movie for the next few months.

Test screenings are already happening even with the movie not fully complete just yet, but those who have seen it are praising it highly so that’s a sign of good things to come.

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