The Unbearable Weight of this Massive Review

Hands down, this might be my favourite Nicolas Cage movie of all time.

From the moment it started to the moment it ended, this movie is action-packed and hilarious. Right off the bat, you get this parody style humour of two teens watching a Nick Cage movie.

It feels normal then all hell breaks loose, and the girl is kidnapped, we later find out that she’s being held hostage and is the ongoing plot for the entirety of the movie.

Now, the main reason I wanted to see this movie was because of Pedro Pascal. The second the first trailer came out; I couldn’t wait to see Javi on the big screen. His character seemed funny and quick-witted and worked well against Nick Cage.

And it’s safe to say, the character lived up to those expectations and more. You really felt for Javi even though he was hinted at being the villain.

His friendship with Nick Cage is so pure and loveable, I hope there’s a spinoff or miniature content involving the characters of this film. Their friendship is definitely the best part of the movie and had me smiling and crying in the cinema along with their highs and lows.

I’ve never been one to watch a Nick Cage movie and thought it was going to be mind-blowing, though saying that I really enjoyed Into the Spiderverse.

But he really nails the role of Nick Cage, amazingly so. It’s almost as if he’s played that role his entire life!

I really love the look of this movie; the cinematography is absolutely stunning. The camera angles and colours are beautiful, bright and creative.

Additionally, the costumes feel fun, and they look super comfortable to film in. As I said, the outfits are super bright and colourful, they fit the film well.

The main villain is a little lack-luster, the plot twist was somewhat good. It wasn’t like it was revolutionary or anything, but it was a good short reveal that Javi’s cousin was the big baddie all along.

How dare this film make me think Javi is anything other than innocent!

I also love the movie’s soundtrack and score; they’ve got some great tracks that give the film some funky vibes. But there are also times where the music reflects the rising tension in the scene and really gives me some dark-lord type vibes.

As I briefly mentioned, the comedy in this movie is great. It’s quick-witted and full of references to Nick’s life and film roles as well as blockbuster franchises like Marvel.

A lot of humour comes from the character’s interactions, though there are some good slapstick moments too.

It doesn’t become a big stereotypical action movie until the end, nearing the 30/40-minute mark. Though it’s still played for laughs, but that doesn’t take away the tension.

I love the transition at the end from “reality” to movie, it’s near enough a full circle from the beginning of the movie where we are introduced to Nick Cage via a movie then it shifts into the “real world”.

In the end, the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is a great movie. It’s a great change from the big-screen superhero movies and the sad, spooky horror films that have been flooding the cinemas recently.

The characters and humour are easily the best part, the visuals are stunning to look at and the plot is simple enough but you don’t tend to notice it.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is now screening in cinemas.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent gets 4 out of 5 No not the bees from me.

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